The Secret Product Car Owners Are Now Using To Increase & Retain The Value of Their Cars, add The GLOWING Effect and also Prevent their Car from Aging, Fading, Weather and Sunlight Erosion, Acid Rain.. - 100% Guaranteed!

Hi friend, I'm Olu Joshua, a professional Auto Mechanic for 7 years and counting...


Do you know the moment you drive your car away from the vendor or where ever you bought it, it has lost 30% value?


Now, using that car continously will keep depreciating in value such that when you're about changing your car, selling this one or even gifting it out becomes a major problem!

That is why there are thousands of used cars listed on classified sites today with NOBODY buying them.


People are now buying directly from US!




Allow me to burst your bubbles!!!!!!!!!


You can now RETAIN THE VALUE of your Car, Making it Glow Continously for a period of 3 years or more, Preventing it from Aging & Fading and Still sell that Car at a higher price..

The 9H MR Auto Ceramics Coating

Ever since its discovery, car owners are NOT only using this coating to prevent the depreciation of their cars, but also makes it retain the Sparkling Glowing, retain the same high value for a very LONG period (over 3 years), and lots more.

A colleague used it exactly 1 year and 3 months ago on his car when he bought it, guess what; when he was about selling the car the buyer couldnt believe the car was over 1 year old..

It was still Sparkling and Glowing with NO wear or tear

The buyer PAID Sharply and what was even sweeter???... the guy made additional 2,000 Ghana Cedis! Damn!

If you're not using The 9H MR Auto Ceramics Coating.. mehn... I really don't know what to SAY!!!

2 Packs is ok for a Sedan car while 4 Packs is great for an SUV (Jeep)

You absolutely want to see what other people are saying about this product...

How to apply it:

  • Wrap the cloth over coating sponge
  • Put coat liquid on the cloth
  • Spread the liquid on the car
  • Use towel to wipe and polish
  • We can also send you a video of how to apply it after placing your order


Package Included:

  • 1 x Car Liquid Ceramic Coat
  • 1 x Sponge
  • 1 x Manual
  • 1 x Dust-free Cloth 

The Market Price: 1 - GH₵250


RECOMMENDED >> 2 packs for SedanGH₵300 GH₵250 & 4 packs for SUVs: GH₵400

Promo Price Ends Exactly in


All orders are via Payment on Delivery, that means you don't pay until you receive the product (except extremely far distance from us).



PLS NOTE: Very Important! If you are Traveling or won't be available or Not cash-ready to collect your product when our delivery agent comes, PLS DON'T FILL THE FORM
(We spend money bringing it down to you)


Pls bear in mind that Delivery within Accra takes  24 - 48 hrs while outside Accra takes 2 - 5 days

    You can SMS/Call/WhatsApp us for more enquiries on

    Ghana: whatsapp - 020 234 7549 
    Nigeria: call/whatsapp - 0907 973 3338

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